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Your Success Is Our Motivation

Your Success Is Our Motivation

We built our business with a single goal in mind: to help people make good financial decisions. Assisting others is not only our calling but what drives us daily to learn more, do more, and be the best in the business. We humbly invite you to explore our clients' stories and hope to discuss your financial goals soon and to see how seriously we take our fiduciary duties.

Real stories from real people, just like you.

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It is already hard enough to find a wealth advisor, let alone finding someone you can wholly trust. Being a young couple trying to get our finances in order (while saving for a wedding), we needed an advisor who had our best interests at heart. We had very little experience with investment planning, and to be honest, we were very lucky to find Richard. He could have pulled us in any direction and we would have believed him, but Richard was "all ears" right off the bat. He was very patient, very understanding of our financial situation, and extremely knowledgeable about investment strategies and vehicles. Most importantly, he took his time educating us on the strategies and vehicles, and why he was recommending them for us. We set up a plan together on how to best go about reaching our financial goals, grow our net worth, and we are still going strong! It's been about three years now, and we couldn't be happier. We've since leaned on Richard to help us open our business, and have since adapted our plans to include the big change. Partnering up with Richard was definitely the best decision we've made, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get control of their lives.

- Faye G, Client

After having a terrible experience with another financial adviser I was a bit wary going into my initial meeting with Rich. I was quickly relieved to find that Rich was professional, understanding, highly capable, and also very relatable. He has taken the time to explain absolutely everything we have covered and assured me that we are taking the right steps to secure my financial future. I'm thrilled to have found Rich and would definitely recommend him to others!

- Maureen B, Client

Richard Little, CFP is a trustworthy, knowledgable and customer-focused Financial Advisor. He has helped me and my young family establish a sound financial plan that is tailored to our specific goals and objectives.

He continuously keeps up-to-date on how we are tracking towards our plan and makes consultative suggestions when needed., With his support and expertise, I am confident in my family's financial future.

If you are looking for honesty, integrity and hard work, then give Rich a call.

- Ross H, Client

Ive been working with Richard Little for over 2 years now and have had no complaints, his analysis and advice as a Financial Advisor is mind-blowing. After my father passed away we had a lot of cleaning up and consolidating to do and he was there every step of the way. It was just practical, realistic, well-reasoned, and a strategy I truly hadn't considered. His financial approach and strategy really has benefitted us even in the down market. After meeting with several financial advisors with different brokerages. I truly can say Richard Little has been our best choice as a wonderful financial advisor. Definitely appreciate how he goes in depth detail and paints a clear and concise bigger picture. Simply makes me feel confident about my financial future.

Much appreciated!

- Raj D, Client

I have had Rich manage some of my funds for close to nine years.  The only problem I have with him is that I don't have more money to invest with him!  His service and ability is something you don't come across often these days: honesty, solid communication, and genuine friendliness.  Simply put, he knows what he is doing and he does it well.  My wife and I are currently working with him to open a 529 for our little one, something you should do too.  He will always make himself available to you to explain things clearly, remind you of the importance of other items, and make sure you are happy and comfortable with how you are investing.  Thank you, Rich, for everything you've done over the years ( and the solid returns).

- Mark D, Client

I stumbled upon Richard's Yelp page after coming to terms with the fact that I had little knowledge or control over my financial happenings. I had so many questions ... How do I consolidate & manage my 401K after taking a new job? How do I pay off debts from multiple sources? At what rate should I be saving per month? What does a responsible monthly budget look like given all these factors? So I gave Richard a call and was sitting in his office for my first (complimentary) meeting within days. Richard was not only available on quick notice and organized, but he was also extremely patient and comprehensive with every question I asked him (most of which were basic 101 questions). I left my first meeting with Richard with a clear action plan and a newfound feeling of control & optimism over my finances. Since this point, I have stayed in contact with Richard for any/all questions, and am still on track to meet the goals we discussed. I sleep better at night knowing exactly what is going on with my money. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for help in their financial world, from basic to complex needs. You won't be disappointed.

- Mary B, Client

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